Clarity on Arbitration Process Sought From EFL

RamsTrust has written an open letter to Mark Rowan, the EFL’s Communications Director, seeking clarity on the arbitration process for the claims of other clubs:

In our last meeting two weeks ago, you said there was a process in progress to determine whether the compensation claims from Middlesbrough and Wycombe would be regarded as ‘football debts’. At that time you were awaiting responses from all parties to agree on the process – can you confirm how this has progressed?

It has been widely reported that the arbitration process is now being escalated for rapid resolution. Can you confirm that this is correct, and give timescales in which you would expect this to take place?

Can you also confirm whether this is arbitration for the compensation claims themselves, to decide whether they would be regarded as football debts or both? Given the four weeks remaining, specified by the EFL to prove funding for the remainder of the season, it is clearly in everyone’s interests to have this concluded as quickly as possible.


Jim Wheeler, Chair – on behalf of the RamsTrust Board