Quantuma Statement

Richard Easterby, director of Quantuma Advisory Limited, has tonight given this statement after a meeting between Andrew Hosking and supporters’ groups earlier today.

Crucial and confidential talks are currently ongoing with prospective purchasers and their advisors. These discussions are at a key juncture and the Joint Administrators do not wish to jeopardise the sale of the Club in any way and do not feel it would be helpful to publicly provide information that may well change during the course of these ongoing discussions. During the course of the Administration to date a number of confidential communications have been publicised, and in some instances misquoted. As a consequence, there is significant caution regarding the release of detailed information surrounding the bidding process which may have a negative overall impact if quoted out of context or inaccurately. The Joint Administrators have received a number of bids and ongoing expressions of interest. Negotiations are continuing in order to ensure a suitable bid can be accepted that satisfies the necessary criteria to fulfil the EFL’s requirements and insolvency law.

Funding is available to see the club complete the season. However, it is in the interests of all parties for a sale to complete as soon as possible, particularly in order to capitalise on commercial decisions ahead of next season. Ongoing trading cannot continue indefinitely without a preferred bidder in place to support the day-to-day running of the club.

The Joint Administrators are as committed as ever to achieving a sale as soon as possible and ensuring the survival and future success of Derby County Football Club. The frustrations of the fans are understood and shared. Every effort is being made to achieve a sale at the earliest opportunity. Further updates will be provided as soon as it is practicable to do so.