Board Profile – Jim Coyle

Board Profile – Jim Coyle

Day job: Retired miner, logistics manager and politician. Part time quizmaster!

Expertise: Meeting management and “people skills”.

First Rams Game: 22nd August 1962. I was 6 years old and was taken to witness the skills of Stanley Matthews. The local press confirmed that he was definitely playing. He didn’t play.

Favourite Rams game: There have been so many. But, if forced to choose, 2nd October 1968 vs Chelsea in the League Cup. We were a little second division club and absolutely outclassed first division Chelsea. For the first time we absolutely knew that something magical was happening.

Favourite Player: I simply can’t do it! A couple from each era though: Colin Todd, Charlie George, Bobby Davison, Dean Saunders, Mark Wright, Stefano Eranio, Aljosa Asanovic, Will Hughes, Craig Bryson…and from today…NML and Kane Wilson.

Joined RamsTrust Board: This is my second stint.

Reason for joining: In my time as a Rams supporter, we have been close to extinction on too many occasions. Supporters deserve to be kept informed and given the chance to influence owners. At the very least, warn fellow fans if things begin to look “uncomfortable”.