Who We Are

RamsTrust is a legally-constituted trust, a democratic, not-for-profit organisation of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision-making process at Derby County FC, and strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves.

RamsTrust is about safeguarding the future of the club no matter who the owners are. Fans are the only constant in football and it is reasonable that they have a say, regardless of owners, managers or players. RamsTrust allows this in a democratic and responsible way, with constitutional protection for its members and is representative of its members on all issues, from ticket pricing to governance.

Our goal is to widen and deepen supporter representation and influence at Derby County. The trust works with its members, Derby County executives and Board, and other supporters groups to help strengthen the club’s ties with the community and build the club into a world-class sporting institution.

The Trust is governed and operated by the following elected and co-opted Directors:

  • Jim Wheeler – Chair
  • Tanya Noon – Secretary
  • Pete Drew – Treasurer
  • Elaine Dean – Vice Chair
  • Paddy Breslin
  • Kevin Hepworth
  • Martin Rawson
  • Jil Matheson, co-opted

The membership secretary is Angie Kerry.