Board profile – Stuart Webb

Board profile – Stuart Webb

Stuart Webb has been associated with the Rams for over 30 years. He was actively involved as Managing Director in the Championship winning days of Brian Clough and Dave Mackay in the 1970s.

Stuart has served the Club loyally and successfully in several high-level positions over the years. As Chairman of the Board, he successfully achieved a dramatic highly successful rescue for the Rams in the High Court in 1984 when the Club was close to extinction. Stuart also served as a Director of The Football League.

Gerald Mortimer, the distinguished Sports Editor of The Derby Evening Telegraph, wrote:

“Over the years, Stuart Webb went through the card in a number of roles. The common thread was that Derby County had infinitely more success when he was involved than they did with him on the outside.”

Stuart is the author of Clough, Maxwell & Me, a book about his long service at Derby County Football Club as secretary, chief executive, director and chairman. Copies of Stuart’s book can be purchased here.