Annual General Meeting 2021 Agenda

The RamsTrust AGM will be held on Thursday 23rd September, 2021 at 8.00 p.m.

The meeting will take place using Zoom video conferencing. Unless you have already done so, will members please email and ask for a link if they wish to attend.

1. Chair’s welcome and report.

2. Apologies for absence.

3. Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

4. Matters arising.

5. Resolution 1: To accept the Annual Report and Financial Statements year
ended 24th March, 2021.

6. Resolution 2: Independent examination of accounts
It is hereby resolved that subject to the provisions of Section 84 of the
Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, the members of
the Society shall not require an audit for the accounts covering the current
financial year ending on 24th March 2022 when they are presented to the
next AGM held in 2022. Instead of an audit, an independent examination
by Richard Millington shall be carried out, as per our rules.

7. Results of ballot for Society Board members.

8. Guest Speaker – Dame Jil Matheson on The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA).

9. Any other competent business.

10. Close.

Download the agenda here

Our speaker, Jil Matheson, is a member of RamsTrust and a board member of the SGSA. She served as National Statistician, Head of the Government Statistical Service and Chief Executive of the UK Statistics Authority from 2009 until her retirement in 2014. Jil chaired the OECD’s Committee on Statistics and Statistical Policy and the UN Statistical Commission. She is a Trustee of NatCen Social Research, a member of Council of the Academy of Social Sciences, a member of the Royal Society’s Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education, and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.


Tanya Noon, Society Secretary