DCFC Supporters’ Groups Letter To Quantuma and EFL

Dear Mr Birch, Mr Jackson


We are writing on behalf of our members to express serious concerns over the ongoing attempts to conclude a sale of Derby County.

On 12 June, the EFL said it was changing the terms of the current suspension of the club’s share in the EFL to give the EFL greater ability to become involved in the club’s attempts to exit administration. Mr Birch noted in that statement that ‘further urgent proactive action is required in order to do whatever is possible to secure the Club’s future as a continuing member of the EFL’.

While noting the gravity of this situation we welcomed this intervention and hoped a clear timetable would be put in place.

We have since corresponded with Quantuma to ask what the deadline is for receiving bids. The response was that although it has been made clear to bidders that timescales are short, no specific deadlines have been set, but there is good progress. 

We are pleased there is considerable interest in buying Derby County and any progress that has been made is welcome. 

However, we remain extremely concerned by the lack of a clear deadline for bids to be submitted – an absence of enforced deadlines appears to have been a problem throughout this process.

Without hard deadlines we fear this process will continue to drift. 

We now ask Quantuma and the EFL to explain what steps are being taken and what deadlines are set, to provide reassurance that they will not allow Derby County to slide into oblivion.

Yours sincerely

RamsTrust Board

Derby County Supporters Clubs

Black & White Together

Derby County Disabled Supporters Clubs

Punjabi Rams

Copied to: Team Derby