European Super League

RamsTrust would like to join with @WeAreTheFSA and all the football community in rejecting the proposals for a new ‘European Super League’. This blatant money-grabbing scheme is against all principles of fair competition which make the game the best in the world.

This natural progression from the breakaway Premier League – designed to make the richest clubs richer – is clearly devised to avoid further sharing income with all other clubs. A healthy sport is reliant on strong competition and distribution of income to allow all clubs to rise through the pyramid and compete in leagues and cups – that is the dream for all teams, players and supporters.

This is what allows smaller clubs to develop players who go on to play for the ‘bigger’ clubs and international teams. This episode – which will surely fail – exposes the true intentions of the owners of the clubs involved, purely to line their own pockets at the expense of fans across the world. This is not healthy for football, not good for any of the teams across Europe (either members of this league or not) and totally disrespectful to all supporters whose interests are ignored. RamsTrust members are calling for the footballing authorities to take all disciplinary action they can against these clubs – not only to stop this proposal, but to stop any future attempts to destroy the Beautiful Game.