Letter To Derby County Board

To the Derby County Directors

We are disappointed that there has been no reply since we wrote to you privately two months ago over our
concerns about the current state of the club. About the same time, you also promised publicly to engage
with supporters’ groups.

This failure to communicate has further increased concern among supporters, especially with the new
season a few weeks away. We understand negotiations are in progress for a potential takeover, but as yet
there has been no ACV application for transfer of either Pride Park or Moor Farm, so this cannot be
completed before the season begins.

We would therefore again ask for a public response to the following questions:-

Are the Directors able to confirm that there is funding in place to ensure the club can complete the
forthcoming season?

Can you confirm that all outstanding debts to HMRC can be covered, so there is no danger of administration
before the end of the forthcoming season?

We realise that we are under a transfer embargo until these debts are met. In Sunday’s pre-season friendly,
we were forced to play at least 5 players not contracted to the club. Can you confirm whether you expect to
be able to sign any of these, or other players, in time for the start of the season?

Now that the Football League will not be appealing against the sanction decision, can the club confirm when
they will submit revised accounts to get the transfer embargo lifted?

We understand that further information on the takeover can’t be given until a deal is agreed with credible
investors, but we would urge the club to keep supporters informed as much as possible.

You will understand that supporters are both upset and frustrated at the continual lack of communication
from the club. It is at the point where the failure to keep promises about this is now unacceptable with no
respect for your customers and supporters.

We therefore encourage you to engage in meaningful dialogue with all supporters – at a most crucial time in
the club’s history.

Best Regards,
Jim Wheeler, Elaine Dean, Tanya Noon, Peter Drew, Kevin Hepworth, Malcolm Turner, Martin Rawson, Paul Sturges, Bob Donald, Patricia Goodwin, Patrick Breslin – The RamsTrust Board (on behalf of all members)