Margaret Beckett Statement

RamsTrust member, Dame Margaret Beckett MP, has made this statement.

“Discussions about the future of Derby County continue and are in many ways quite intensive. As everyone will know the club has been given a breathing space by the extension, of what previously seemed to be a deadline about its funding. This issue is in many ways a classic example of the problem club supporters is facing. Whether it was or was not a deadline is disputed, particularly by the EFL, who nevertheless appear to refer to it as such.

This period has seen local politicians (MPs and Cllrs), the business communities and officials come together in a group called Team Derby whose purpose is to secure the future of the club. This has reduced the confusion which has sometimes arisen as a result of different players having different conversations with the same people. That’s the good news.

The not-so-good news is that despite our best efforts the position is not resolved and matters that were obstacles weeks ago seem to remain obstacles. None of us wants to do anything that makes matters worse. So, I will only say that the anxieties I experienced when we first became involved in these discussions remain and are not easing. Protestations of goodwill that abound are not a substitute for actual progress. All I can say with certainty is that we continue to fight as hard as we can and as I know the city will expect.”