RamsTrust meeting with Administrators

RamsTrust representatives met with the DCFC administrators again today for an update on current progress. 

Carl Jackson and Andrew Hosking confirmed that there are a considerable number of interested parties and they are still comfortable and confident a successful deal will be achieved to save the club. They are in constant dialogue with the EFL and remain optimistic that an agreement can be reached in the coming weeks to allow them to sell the club without ongoing uncertainty over league penalties. They are still completing a full valuation of the club (Assets v Liabilities) and will then be in a position to negotiate further with HMRC and other creditors over agreed repayments. Again, they are optimistic this will be in the next couple of weeks. 

They are grateful for the assistance of Arsenal FC and, with the support of sponsors, are confident that they will be able to continue to fund the club until at least January without further cost-cutting – which should still be sufficient time to complete a deal with potential new owners. 

It would still greatly assist if supporters can do all they can to put money into the club (through match tickets, matchday sales, merchandise, etc.). This will all help the club and avoid further cuts or sales.

They have paid suppliers to ensure season ticket cards will be sent out this month – a club statement has been issued to clarify this. A number of potential investors (from the UK and abroad) have engaged and provided proof of funds. Negotiations are continuing, but cannot fully progress until valuation and discussions with creditors (and the EFL) are concluded. 

A further meeting will be held in due course.