Template Letter To MPs

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We need to save Derby County from being expelled from the Football League!

We need to save Derby County from liquidation!

Please write to or email your local MP giving your name, address and postcode.

Personalise your letter as you wish. This is just a template setting out the situation. Make sure you include your full name and address, including postcode, so they know you are a constituent. Many MPs are now responding fairly positively.


Dear ……………..,

Sorry to bother you but I’m writing to you as my MP as there’s a very real chance that Derby County could go out of existence in the next 2-3 weeks because of an impasse between the Administrators and the EFL.

We have 3 credible bidders but cannot name a preferred bidder according to the EFL until we have settled potential lawsuits with Middlesbrough and Wycombe.

This is unlikely as it’s around £50m and is also highly speculative. Middlesbrough is claiming our questionable financial accounting helped us get into the playoffs instead of them having the chance of promotion and Wycombe are saying similar except they were relegated by one point when we had financial irregularities. Because we cannot name a preferred bidder with their £5m non-refundable deposit, we don’t have enough money to guarantee fulfilling fixtures until the end of the season and may be unable to pay players this month.

We’ve already had 21 points deducted and this is all down to fiscal mismanagement of the previous owner Mel Morris who simply put us into administration and walked away – current whereabouts unknown to fans, which is perhaps as well given the level of anger.

Would you please speak to the Secretary of State and also put some pressure on the EFL to allow a preferred bidder to be named so that we can move on and complete the season.

It would be a travesty of justice if a founder member of the Football League with a Premiership stadium in a football-mad city and county was liquidated due to total intransigence.

Yours sincerely,