Fan-Led Review Statement

RamsTrust welcomes the publication of the conclusions from the Fan-Led Review of Football Governance. We contributed both to the recommendations from the Football Supporters’ Association and in-person, presenting to the panel our suggestions and experiences since the formation of the Trust over 19 years ago. We are pleased to see many of our ideas have been incorporated into the proposals.

We welcome the report and recognition of the need for reform of the way football as a whole, and clubs themselves, are run, as Rams fans know only too well.

In particular, we welcome the recommendations to establish an independent regulator and the introduction of a ‘Golden Share’ to be held by the Supporters Trust – to ensure the club cannot make certain key decisions without fans’ agreement. We also welcome the introduction of a ‘Shadow Board’ of supporters which the club is mandated to consult. These are proposals which we have been calling for – particularly in light of events at the club over the past few years. Derby County is specifically mentioned in the report as an example of a poor board structure prior to administration.

These proposals will finally give fans an official voice in the running of their clubs and a formal role for the Trust in protecting the club.

These recommendations will be welcomed by the vast majority of supporters and should help to prevent more clubs in future from facing the same issues we are having now. Whilst this will take some time to be formally brought into legislation and implementation, we can start immediately and a new start for Derby County is the perfect opportunity to make these improvements in the running of the club. As indicated this week by the Administrators, we hope to have the opportunity to begin these discussions with new custodians in the near future.

We look forward to working with the administrators and new custodians of our club to implement these plans at Derby County to ensure a sustainable future for fans and the community.