Tracey Crouch Q&A on Fan-Led Review

by Jil Matheson, RamsTrust Board

Tracey Crouch today met representatives from about 55 Supporters Trusts to thank them for submitting evidence to her report. The welcome RamsTrust gave to the recommendations has been echoed by fans up and down the country. She expressed the hope that, if implemented as a complete package, what has happened at Derby will never happen again. She extended her best wishes to us.

The task now is to make it happen.

Government has already indicated that it supports the need for independent financial regulation, stronger governance of the way clubs are run, and a new owners’ and directors’ test.  Some of the recommendations will require legislation so fans should keep up the pressure on MPs and others.

Other recommendations can be progressed more quickly.  The ‘golden share’, to be administered by Supporters Trusts as existing legal entities, already operates at a few clubs.  And some clubs already have ‘Shadow Boards’.  We will be seeking discussions about this with our new custodians.